Rules and Procedures

The National Auto Auction Association is composed of members who are entrusted with the sale of their automobiles and by buyers who use the facilities for the acquisition of vehicles to be resold by them to the public. In order to carry out the trust so imposed, the Association, of which this firm is a member, has adopted this code of ethics.

Sudbury Auto Auction Code of Ethics

  1. We will be fair to both sellers and buyers, and will give complete service, recognizing that both are our customers.
  2. We will protect the owner’s interest as we would our own.
  3. We will be honest and ethical in all of our dealings with customers and we will maintain specific documentation that directly supports the actual bid sale price and all of the administrative and operational fees that are charged.
  4. We will create an atmosphere at our place of business, which will inspire confidence in ourselves and auto auctions generally.
  5. WE will do nothing to bring disrepute to the auto auction business.
  6. We will expose or halt any scheme designed to devise or defraud sellers or buyers or other automobile auctions.
  7. We will expose or halt any scheme designed to deceive or defraud any party that may be responsible for a deficit resulting from the sale of any vehicle or product that is sold at our auctions.
  8. We will try to keep abreast of business conditions and to keep informed in all laws and legislative matters affecting our business and that of our customers in order to give intelligent advice and effective service.
  9. We will do everything we can to maintain the system of free enterprise.
  10. We will comply with national, state and local laws and rules that regulate the conduct of the automobile auction business.

Sudbury Auto Auction General Policies

  1. Only those registered under the Ontario Motor Vehicle Dealers Act and their licensed representatives will be permitted to carry out business transactions at this auction, subsequent to approval by SAA.
  2. Please Note: It is the responsibility of the dealer principal to notify the auction of any changes affecting licensing, banking or personal changes. This must be up to date and accurate at all times.
  3. Yard dealing is, and will always be considered as dealing in bad faith. All transactions must be processed through the auction. Dealers found to be selling vehicles to avoid fees will have their auction privileges revoked. All NAAA member auctions will be notified which may result in suspended privileges.
  4. Retail buyers are at no time allowed on the auction property. Any dealer violating this rule, may result in loss of auction privileges. All authorized buyers and sellers are required to register with the auction on sale day and to wear photo identification provided by the auction. Unauthorized people are restricted to the lounge area and are not permitted to enter the auction area at any time during the auction sale.
  5. All vehicles must be paid in full on auction day. There will be no exceptions to this rule. No personal cheque will be accepted. No vehicle will be allowed to leave the auction premises before the auction has received payment in full and has issued a gate pass.
  6. The auction will not be responsible regarding the model year of any machinery or recreational vehicles such as, snowmobiles, ATV, boat & motor, golf carts or rebuilt or reconstructed vehicles. Buyer must be satisfied and clear as to what he/she is bidding on.
  7. The auction acts only as an agent between buyers and sellers. It is the seller that represents the vehicles being sold.
  8. The seller guarantees that he/she is the owner of the vehicle(s) and represents that he/she has clear title and the vehicle(s) are clear of all liens and encumbrances.
  9. Any guarantees, promises or others made between seller and buyer must appear in writing on the sale contract in order to become part of the contract. The auction will not be involved in any verbal dispute or commitments. No vehicle will be sold without proper VIN. plate and markings.
  10. Vandalizing and tampering will not be tolerated. Any dealer caught tampering with; stealing from or vandalizing any vehicle will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
  11. All dealers are responsible for insurance coverage guarding against theft, fire, and damage. The auction will not be responsible for vehicles damaged or other, while on auction property.
  12. All vehicles are subject to inspection by police or ICPB.
  13. Policies are subject to change without notice.