Live Lane Auction Policy

Sudbury Auto Auction Live Lane Auction Policy
Welcome to Sudbury Auto Auction Live Lane webcast auctions. We hope you enjoy your on line bidding experience. Our goal is to assist our customers in making online buying and selling an enjoyable and positive experience. Please read and understand the policy before purchasing vehicles on line. The policy is designed so both buyers and sellers fully understand the on line process. If you should have any questions or concerns regarding the policy, please contact an auction representative. Changes to this policy may be made at any time.
Who can use LIVE LANE
  1. Only licensed motor vehicle dealers approved by and registered with Sudbury Auto Auction are permitted to buy and sell on LIVE LANE. Please ensure that your dealer information is kept up to date and the auction is notified of any dealer information changes.
  2. You may register or make registration changes under the home page heading BECOME A CLIENT.
  3. Complete all the fields in this application form in order to become a new consignor or purchaser. Upon acceptance of your registration an auction representative will contact you with a user name and password. Once issued, the dealer accepts complete responsibility for safe guarding the confidentiality of this information and agrees to accept full responsibility for any transactions conducted through their LIVE LANE account.
Your obligations as a LIVE LANE subscriber
Live Lane is a means of buying and selling USED vehicles. Please remember, used vehicles have defects due to normal wear and tear. Keep this fact in mind when bidding. As a buyer you are expected to review all details pertaining to the vehicle you are bidding on. The vehicle details, description, a list of options and declarations are available when you open the individual vehicle window.You will be deemed to have bid when you click on the BID icon. Once you bid it cannot be withdrawn. Please be sure of what you are bidding on. All bids register on the auction block lane monitor and are recorded electronically by the LIVE LANE server. Internet and auction floor bids will appear on the auction lane monitor for all to see. Internet bidder’s registration numbers and city will also appear on the lane monitor. The sale results for all vehicles will be posted under the LIST icon on the main bidding page. This list will indicate which vehicles have or have not sold the amount as well as the internet or floor buyer. Please note that most vehicles are subject to a reserve bid and will only be sold when the reserve is met or surpassed.
LIVE LANE Arbitration Policy
The standard auction arbitration policies will apply to all LIVE LANE purchases as posted. Please inspect your purchases immediately upon receiving them. The buyer or buyer’s agent (transporter or driver) should make note of any obvious damage prior to removing the vehicle from the auction. The auction and the seller will not be responsible for any obvious damage not reported to the auction or identified on the condition report once the vehicle is removed from the auction facility.It is the purchaser’s responsibility to report any arbitration to the auction within 2 business day after receiving the vehicle. Please pay particular attention to the lights the vehicle is being sold under. You may arbitrate a vehicle if there is a major material difference from the description provided on the LIVE LANE site such as vehicle features or color. You may arbitrate a vehicle if there are undisclosed damages greater than $500.00. (Remember, you are purchasing used vehicles) Please note that RED LIGHT vehicle are rougher vehicles. They may have had previous paint and body work as well as other repairs.
LIVE LANE Post Sale Inspections
We highly recommend a post sale inspection be conducted. The fees are as follows. $99.00 for cars and light duty trucks. $139.00 for diesel HD trucks. $60.00 for a frame only inspection. Tax is additional. The vehicle will be hoisted to carry out an under body inspection and the vehicle will be inspected to identify any major mechanical problems that may result in an arbitration. If you chose to waive this inspection, the auction will not be held responsible for any shipping costs from or returning to the auction. An inspection request sheet will be faxed to you with your bill of sale requesting whether you wish to have the inspection completed. Please complete and return this sheet immediately.
Light System
The Green light indicates that the vehicle is guaranteed under the conditions outlined in the arbitration policies, with the exception of specific announcements made prior to the sale.YELLOW LIGHT “ANNOUNCEMENTS”
This Yellow light indicates to the buyer that the auctioneer or selling representative has made announcements that qualify / clarify the condition or equipment and limit arbitration of this vehicle.

The Red light indicates that the vehicle is As IS with the exception of limited frame conditions outlined in the arbitration policies.

Odometer Declaration