2019 Arbitration Policy Updates

Please note the following changes to the arbitration policy that are effective immediately.

  • All vehicles model year 2009 or older or with 200,000km or more will automatically be run as as Red Light, AS-Is unit.
  • Inherent defects and all normally worn air ride suspension systems; including shocks and bags are no longer subject to arbitration.
  • Issues pertaining to catalytic converters are no longer subject to arbitration, unless they are missing completely.
  • Air bag issues are now subject to arbitration only if the cost of repair is over $800.00.
  • Level 1 and 2 oil leaks are not subject to arbitration.
  • Only a level 3 oil leak can be arbitrated if the cost of repair exceeds $800.00

Please read and understand the arbitration policies before purchasing a vehicle. These Arbitration changes DO NOT exempt from OMVIC mandatory Disclosures.

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March 5, 2015 News